Australian Embassy
Czech Republic, Lithuania

About us

About the Australian Embassy in Poland

The Australian Embassy in Warsaw is the representative office of the Australian Government resident in Poland and accredited to the Czech Republic and Lithuania.


Head of Mission


Ambassador Paul Wojciechowski

Contact information

Australian Embassy address and contact numbers


Prague Consulate contact numbers and office hours 
The Australian Consulate in Prague is also the office of the Australian Trade Commission, Czech Republic.


Lithuania Consulate contact numbers


Ukraine Consulate contact numbers



Opening hours

The Embassy in Warsaw is open from 09:00 -16:30 Monday to Friday except  public holidays.   


Public holidays

The Embassy in Warsaw will be closed on the following days in 2016:

Friday, 1 January
Wednesday, 6 January
Friday, 25 March
Monday, 28 March
Monday, 2 May
Tuesday, 3 May
Thursday, 26 May
Friday, 27 May
Monday, 13 June
Monday, 15 August

Tuesday, 1 November

Friday, 11 November
Monday, 26 December
Tuesday, 27 December


The Embassy will be closed on the following days in 2017:

Friday 6 January 2017                                    

Friday 14 April 2017                                        

Monday 17 April 2017                                    

Monday 1 May 2017                                      

Tuesday 2 May 2017                                      

Wednesday 3 May 2017                               

Thursday 15 June 2017                                  

Friday 16 June 2017                                        

Monday 14 August 2017                               

Tuesday 15 August 2017                               

Wednesday 1 November 2017                  

Monday 25 December 2017                        

Tuesday 26 December 2017


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